About us


FRANCOR stands for Franconia Open Robotics which describes our club quite well: Open Source Robotics from Franconia. One of our main tasks is the development of open software and hardware for mobile rescue robotics. But we do not only want to develop software and hardware, we also want to serve as a network for all interested people.

“The association would like to enable the meeting of experts in robotics and the interested general public. In this context, the association would like to contribute to the development of the potential of society, especially of children and young people, by creating a space for joint work and learning and by providing professional support for teachers and organisations, especially in the field of child and youth development. ” – Statutes ยง 2 para. 2

Currently we are still in the process of searching or creating infrastructure for this purpose. Of course we would be very happy about support. How you can reach us is described in the section “When and Where is FRANCOR?”.


FRANCOR’s founding members have already gained many years of experience in the field of rescue robotics. At the beginning all members were part of the RoboCup Rescue Team AutonOHM of the Technical University of Nuremberg. Many of the members are still active in the field of robotics.

When and where is FRANCOR?

Currently we meet weekly online on Wednesday from 20:00 hrs on Discord. Everybody can reach the server via the public channel under the following link https://discord.gg/AzjWZBcDEh

If you are interested in the association and/or have questions about robotics, please contact us by e-mail via info@francor.de.

Access to our software is available through our GitHub repository: https://github.com/franc0r

Furthermore you can find us every year at the RoboCup Rescue German Open competition in Magdeburg. Here we compete with our self developed robot platform to test our hard- and software.